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Samhwa's In-Line Heater is a new type of fluid heater which can control fluid temperature easily without moving parts, noise, or vibration. The fluid flowing through the nozzle of the heater is mixed with steam entering in through the holes around the nozzle, and is heated immediately (see diagram below). S-type mixing elements in the nozzle promote uniform temperature.
The In-Line Heater can be used for automatic heating, sterilizing, and cooling of any liquid, including highly viscous fluids.

Water heating, Starch cooking, pH control, Heat exchange, Reaction, Mixing, Neutralization ' Washing, Maintaining temperature

Standard Specifications
' Materials: Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Teflon, etc.
' Pipe size 1/2" (15A) to 20" (500A)

Benefits Over Traditional Heating Methods
' Greater than 90% efficiency / Short heating time
' No limit on capacity
' No moving parts / no maintenance and much longer life
' Little or no space required
' Much less costly




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