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Double Venturi Type
Single Venturi Type
Variable Orifice Type

Samhwa's Desuperheater produces saturated steam or low pressure/ low temperature steam from superheated steam or high pressure/ high temperature steam by injecting water directly into the steam.

The Types
  • Venturi Type-Steam is passed through a venturi, creating a swirl
  • At this point, water is injected through a specially designed nozzle forming a thin film which instantly and completely saturates the steam.
  • No noise or vibration
  • Uniform temperature of saturated steam
  • No component failures, no parts to be maintained
  • No high pressure water supply required
  • Can be used even when temperature difference between superheated and steam is large

Standard Specifications

  • Materials: Body-Forged steel, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, etc. / Nozzle-Stainless steel
  • Connections: Flanges (ANSI, KS, DIN, JIS standards), Threaded


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